The HIDDEN Teachings of Jesus Christ (2023)


Christ, the Unity Consciousness.

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Christ is a state of consciousness referred to in the spiritual Community as Oneness or Unity, consciousness, different names, all refer to the same thing, a state of consciousness that is difficult to fully understand until experienced directly Jesus was a representative of Christ Consciousness teaching people how to become whole beings by merging, their masculine and feminine hemispheres and becoming spiritually sovereign.

This is important because the masculine and feminine energies are currently in Conflict, resulting in external dissonance.

The integration of these energies within individuals is necessary for the birth of true Consciousness, which gives us free will to choose without conscious awareness.

We are making choices from a place of default or Karma where our actions are reactive and automated integrating our masculine and feminine energies is essential for healing, the trauma of the masculine and feminine Schism that sustains separation consciousness.

This friction is a reflection of a higher dimensional ongoing saga.

But how that friction is expressed here is through one aspect of the self-overpowering or being overpowered by the other.

We are comprised of different aspects that make up what we call high.

And when those different aspects are in opposition, it creates strife.

This Strife can look like logic, overpowering or being overpowered by intuition.

The mental body being identified with and favored over the emotional body.

This also creates a very strong victim.

Perpetrator theme.

We are playing out where they even switch roles in this Dynamic since it is an ongoing infliction.

So this is all about healing the trauma of the masculine and feminine Schism.

That is sustaining separation consciousness.

This Collective trauma to the psyche is actually how the ego in the form that we know it was birthed.

The reason it is so important for the masculine and feminine energies within the individual to be integrated is because that's how true Consciousness is born until true Consciousness is born.

A being does not have free will let me break this down the lessons native to this Dimension all revolve around becoming a sovereign being.

We do this by fusing our masculine and feminine hemispheres into one that's, our ability to reason our ability to discern, not get sucked into group.

Think be able to filter information through one's own intellect and not blindly accept.

We need to set boundaries and defend ourselves from aggression with the intuitive abilities of the Heart Center, such as creativity, compassion, receptivity nurture, intimacy and intuition when we have embodied and brought these two energies into balance.

We are activating Consciousness that's, the ability to think feel and take actions from our wholeness.

And that is what gives us free will to actually choose to truly choose.

Because until we have Consciousness, we are making choices from a place of default, or what is known as karma.

We aren't at the capacity to truly access all of our free will because we don't even have access to all of our being karma is the default settings of this reality, it's known in esoteric teachings as the mechanical state of being it's reactive, it's, automatic it's, where we are not operating from a place of choice, all of our actions Karma come from a place of reaction.

You can imagine Karma as a vending machine.

If a certain button is pushed, then you can ensure a specific reaction or outcome.

There is no free will in this equation.

You push that button.

You get that outcome.

But once we start developing Consciousness, we have access to a higher level of being.

And that is when we enter Dharma and exit Karma.

The concept of Free Will is intimately linked with Dharma.

The Crux of Jesus's teachings were about how to become an undivided Consciousness.

And they were transmitted from the level of Consciousness known as Oneness.

Essentially Jesus was trying to teach people the art of Ascension from base Consciousness into Unity consciousness.

Another thing Jesus was teaching about was the false light and to demystify what the false light is Sears and intuitives down Through.

The Ages have all described this concept in different ways.

But the false light is a field that sustains itself off of the play of Duality.

And one of the biggest ways it keeps itself intact is by keeping people in a state of spiritual Amnesia.

So that we are worshiping it any being that we are giving our energy or worship to or that.

We are interacting within a childlike way is coming from the false light, a being who honors your free will and does not usurp.

Your Divinity would never interact with you in that way.

Instead, there would be gratitude inevitably at play, but gratitude and worship are very different Energies.

The reason it's even called the false light in the first place is because it's a fractured or unintegrated source of light when it presents itself.

The light is overcompensating it's, a bright white that's, almost blinding to the eyes and it's used that way to create this overcompensation for its intention.

This is identical to a wolf in sheep's, clothing type Vibes, where it's presenting itself as overly innocent and benevolent because it's not so it's attempting to imitate the qualities of the organic light, not all beings from the false light, even though they are in a state of duality.

Some truly believe they are in the peak experience.

But the primary Dynamic that takes place in this realm is worship, which is fed up a chain of command being a part of that chain.

We are placing our power outside of ourselves and giving away our spiritual sovereignty by regarding other beings, whatever they may be as being above us.

This is not the ideal way to approach these Concepts, but it is how we have been conditioned to do.

So higher dimensional beings can Aid us, and they do Aid us.

They are even a part of us.

However, when this turns into a paragraph where we are being siphoned from any Source, this is coming from the false light.

You cannot imagine the irony in a representative of higher Consciousness coming to teach about Oneness only to have their teachings distorted into the very opposite of what was intended to be conveyed.

One of the major themes in the false light is the fear of Oneness or god-consciousness being a trap.

This fear often arises when you view God as something outside of yourself, or above you and feel that you are below it, because you have chosen to experience life as a human being The Dilemma of raising your level of being into Union with god-consciousness only to be scared out of it by others who warn of falling into the devil's trap, or by your own deep-seated.

Fear of being led astray is also prevalent.

This fear-based mindset can prevent you from fully experiencing the unity of Consciousness and understanding the true nature of God, developing a nuanced understanding of spirituality is crucial to overcoming this fear and experiencing greater levels of consciousness.

Because frankly, there is not an understanding of nuance yet regarding this state, it is literally made out to be the devil.

In fact, all of spiritual evolution is just about mastering Nuance, because as you do that, you shift all of the major dilemmas being played out right now during a spiritual awakening are teaching nuance.

And the more you can learn Nuance.

The more Consciousness blossoms.

The less nuanced is recognized and learned though less Consciousness can blossom understanding Nuance is so important because that is one of the primary reasons why things get lost in translation and spiritual truths are not understood.

There is a name for when you can Master nuance.

And it is called Deliverance sis is viewed from the third and the fourth dimension as a savior.

But once you raise your Consciousness to The Fifth Dimension and above Christ is understood in a more mature form as Unity consciousness.


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Love God and your neighbor

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Some other important teachings

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