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Hey all! My name is Scott Hilse, I am here to teach you dropshipping, or should I say, Simplified Dropshipping! Basically what that is is One Product Dropshipping, which is my specialty. I teach you facebook ads, digital marketing, and all things ecommerce. I’m also known for my endorsements from figures such as Tai Lopez, Oberlo, and Shopify. In this video i move in to the best apartment in all of St. Louis Missouri . I have lived in STL for a long time and grew up in missouri all my life . I always recognized tho that in all of saint louis missouri that this apartment in downtown clayton missouri is the best apartment in the whole St louis MO region. It is the penthouse so you can see the whole saint louis skyline even the st louis arch ! I would say that the gateway arch is the best part of this penthouse also known as the saint louis arch., this really shows the beauty of st louis real estate and missouri real estate .
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What's going on everybody sky hills here with you today, right now, it's september 19th in two days, it is my birthday, but today, I'm, getting one of the best birthday presents that I thought would never happen what's about to happen right now, purely right place right time.

And I happen to be at the right place at the right time.

So when I moved into this building here in clayton, I recognized that this is the best apartment complex in st.

Louis by far.

And then when I first got here, I could only afford a tiny little studio.

And I don't know, if you guys saw that video beforehand when I first moved in here, but it was a tiny, tiny studio.

And when I moved in, I realized that this floor plan right here is by far the best floor plan in the building.

However, though, if you see right here, you can only barely see the arch like only in the bedroom right between those buildings.

So when I moved into this floor plan this whole time, I was thinking like man, I can't imagine being on like the top floor, because I think only the top and the second top floor, you can see over that building right there that big yellow one by being that high and seeing over that, you actually see the entire unobstructed downtown st.

Louis skyline.

And so I'd always see the building and be like damn.

I can't imagine what it'd be like to be up there like that is literally the best apartment in st.

Louis hands down.

So long story short, a couple weeks ago before this floor plan.

I saw one open up higher than me.

So I went down to the office to inquire about it.

And when I talked to him about it, he's like, yeah, this floor, just moved out.

And actually the top floor just moved out too.

And I go what the top floor on this floor plan.

He goes.


They just moved out.

They've been they signed this lease like nine months before the building was even open I'm like are you serious? I go I'll.

Take it literally and ironically on my birthday weekend, I am moving in today to the best apartment in all of st.

Louis game changing from this view.

If you think this view is great, wait till you see the view when we move up there I'm gonna get to work all my friends are coming in to help me move 12 stories higher than I am right now into the best apartment in st.

Louis let's, get after it.

I think the hardest thing that's going to be to move is all this equipment in my studio, because I got the corsair right here.

This alone is over 5 000.

And then I got to move all these things I got to move all this.

This is a 500 pound table that we got to move.

This is gonna be an interesting time for sure I gotta remove all this too.

This is gonna be a pain, definitely getting fine for that.

But you really just gotta push through sometimes, oh, but at the end of the day, it's, definitely to be worth it this over here what's up, oh, I couldn't be moving at a better time because yesterday I came out after my shower in a robe, and I went onto my balcony.

And I started shaving with my shaver, just like throw the shavings everywhere, dude looks right over the balcony like this and just starts staring at me.


And then we both just like retreated into our into our units.


So we just got the keys we're going, oh that's the roof.

We just got the keys we're going to the top floor baby to check out this unit and they're having a balloon race right now.

He says it smells like pizza.

Unreal crazy.

That is crazy, dude, I know, it's like you're, adding a wing onto a car, dude, damn that looks way different.


I should have brought the other lens.

We can definitely grab that.

Oh, you could easily climb up there I'm, looking like a round, two, just wait till you see this at night time, that's, when it's gonna be mind blowing time to load up the thing about moving is moving all the hey, logan, you put that alright, guys? Well, we switched out the lens.

So you can get a better idea of the view.

Nick, go ahead.

And zoom in on on the view, oh man.

Damn, I can't tell if that's bird or flower, it's got to be flower.

These flowers be man.

Yeah, I know, it's only a 32 inch, but literally 10 000 in shoes coming in that'd be so funny.

If we both just tripped right after, I set it like into the wall.

Now next we got the bed mattress firm conspiracy.

Look it up.

We are five hours into it, 1400 calories active calling it a day.

These two over here helped me a lot.

So the first was moving the now the second is moving in the.

And then the third is putting the where the needs to go I'm gonna show you the view with the lights off real quick, we're, all the way the hell up here.

So the only thing left to get now is all the artwork taken from my old place into the new place and put into this new place.

And then I gotta hang it up in this new place for now we're calling it a night about to order a lot of food.

So we'll, see you in the morning, good evening, it's.

The next day I've been going hard as hell setting up this apartment.

I'm slipping on my gucci sandals on a sunday tomorrow's, my birthday so I'm, just trying to get everything out of the way because I might go to miami this week.

But this is what we're working with so far it's, basically the same.

I don't know, if I'm gonna put the art up or not it has a pretty clean look without the art it's like my mind being up here, it's, really, clean, it's, really unobstructed.

So I might just keep the flow going like that, but we're not completely finished at all.

We actually still have all of the paintings to go down and get right now.

We gotta rip them off the wall.

I know other than that everything's basically set up.

I still need to set up the podcast, but especially my trading let's, just run down to the other unit, get the last of the stuff and then call it a move all right back to the old unit, mostly clear.

But now it's, just a matter of tearing these down picking all these down, because some of these I put, oh all right.

Well, this is the last piece right here.

And we got it all out of the apartment.

It's all good to go, literally I'll be here for at least the next six months.

And I didn't expect this to be such a cool addition, but the lady who lived here previously put a wing right here on this windowsill sort of thing.

So it extends it enough to have a little desk here and she's like this is super nice to have this like this is like my desk for my laptop because my pc over there for like work and everything is in the other room in my office, but like right here, it's just so chill like look out over this distance.

I've been eyeing this place for literally two three years that this.

I've always looked at this specific unit on the street, even though I was living here that my damn.

This is literally the best apartment in st.

Louis I'd be crazy to get the opportunity to live here.

Bare minimum.

Next six months I'll be here.

And then after that, who knows so guys, if you like that, let me know what you think about this in the comments below.

This is crazy, how it's the day before my birthday that this just happened to happen.

Let me know what you think in the comments below should I put the artwork or not let me know in the comments below hit that like if you hit that like let me know in the comments below is nick a little, let me know in the comments below most of all thanks for watching.

I can't believe this actually happened the best apartment in st.

Louis thanks for watching.

Stay tuned.

Subscribe peace out you.


What is the richest suburb of St. Louis? ›

St Louis County's Most Expensive Cities-Avg Price-Homes Sold In Past Year
RankCityAvg Sold Price
2Country Life Acres$2,300,000
26 more rows

Is St. Louis a landlord friendly city? ›

When it comes to Missouri, it's definitely more landlord-friendly than other states in the Midwest, notably Illinois. For example, it is much easier to evict tenants who don't pay their rent in Missouri.

Is Saint Louis a good place to live? ›

In 2021 it was named one of the top 20 most fun cities in America from WalletHub. Whether it's for the low cost of living, inexpensive housing, or amenities and entertainment, it appears that residents love St. Louis. Many have also said that it feels like a big city with a small-town charm.

Where do the rich live in St. Louis? ›

The wealthiest suburbs of St. Louis include Ladue, Town and Country, and Clayton. These three suburbs have significantly higher real estate values than other St. Louis suburbs.

What are the safest suburbs in St. Louis? ›

10 Safest Neighborhoods in St. Louis
  • Lindenwood Park.
  • North Hampton.
  • Central West End.
  • Ladue.
  • Soulard.
  • Downtown.
  • Clayton.
  • Chesterfield.
May 16, 2023

What is the upper class neighborhood in St. Louis? ›

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Do any billionaires live in St. Louis? ›

Pauline Keinath (net worth: $6.9 billion)

Pauline MacMillan Keinath is a member of the very wealthy Cargill family who has a net worth of $6.9 billion (according to Forbes). She currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and is one of the seven remaining billionaires associated with Cargill, Inc.

How much can my landlord raise my rent in Missouri? ›

Raising Rent – Landlords in Missouri may increase the rent to any amount with no notice or justification. Notice of Entry – Missouri does not require any notice before entering the unit or property.

Should I move to St. Louis? ›

Louis ranks among the best places to live. According to the 2019 U.S. News & World Report, St. Louis ranks among the best places to live in the U.S., coming in at number 81 of 125 cities.

How much do you need to live comfortably in St. Louis? ›

Living comfortably in the greater St. Louis area means your after-tax income should be $57,446 – the least amount of money in all 25 metro areas. That can cover basic living expenses ($28,723) with enough left over to devote 30% to your wants ($17,234) and another 20% to savings or debt payments ($11,489).

What are the benefits of living in St. Louis? ›

St. Louis has a very low cost of living compared to other big cities, making it an ideal place for young people and retirees to thrive. Also, St. Louis is known across the country as a “foodie's paradise.” It has the most amazing restaurants in the United States.

What is the vibe of St. Louis? ›

Affordability and community make this big Midwestern city feel like small town USA. If you're looking for that big city vibe without all the hassle, St. Louis, Missouri, is your place. It's got just the right mixture of family-friendly fun with a vibrant nightlife scene, and has much to offer anyone of any age.

What is the rich street in St. Louis MO? ›

Pacland Estates Drive in Chesterfield came in at No. 1 on St. Louis' list of most expensive streets to live on, with a median home value of $2.87 million.

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The Delmar Loop, or just “The Loop,” is the trendy, walkable neighborhood in St. Louis. Most cities have at least one such hipster area, with shopping, restaurants and nightlife, from Wicker Park in Chicago to Little Five Points in Atlanta to Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

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