Man Tries To Find Daughter Who Was Adopted (Full Episode) | Paternity Court (2023)


Browne v. Hampton: A Washington man seeks his long-lost daughter.


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Man Tries To Find Daughter Who Was Adopted (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Season 2, Episode 63

#PaternityCourt #LaurenLake


Please be seated.


Your honor.


This is a case of brown versus Hampton, Thank, You, Jerome, look the day.

Everyone Ms Brown.

You stand before the court with your mother Alicia Brown.

You say, your world was recently turned upside down when you were contacted by a man whom you've never even heard of before claiming to be your birth father.

Now that man mr.

Hampton is waiting in our courtroom hallway, and he will join us in a moment.

Now he claims he has evidence to prove he is, in fact, your biological father.

Now what happened when you were first contacted by mr.

Hampton? How did you even hear from him? Well, first and foremost, I am adopted I was adopted at us.

Three months old.

So I have no idea who my extended family is or my biological mother I was recently contacted by someone claiming to be my sister on what's called Instagram.

And from there, he messaged me on Facebook, and he said, Kayla, I think I finally found your Facebook.


Let me know, I have no idea how much you or your adoption, parents know about how things were, but I'll be more than willing to answer your questions that they may have and I have pictures also talk to later as if you already know Wow.

And so what were you thinking when you read that who are you? So you've never met this man, no, never heard of him.


And next thing you know, he's on your Facebook saying, I'm your birth, father, yeah, he's on my dad, Wow, well, Jerome I think it's time.

We meet mr.







Thank you for joining us today.

Hello your honor.

Thank you for being here.

So we just heard an amazing story from Miss.

Brown I've been looking for my daughter for 20 years.

Your honor okay, I was in love with their mother, Your Honor.

And you all were in a relationship.

Yes, we was a relationship your honor, and she was pregnant Your Honor.

This is my first child I'm.

The one that gave her her name Your Honor I did everything that.

So you were participating in this pregnancy.

And in the birth, you know, I moved to to Alaska to be with her mother while she was pregnant and I was there at the hospital where she was born.

If you did all that stuff I, don't know, why I'm here with my mom today and not with you to be honest, your mother was going through some problems.

I had the opportunity to take you when I met her at the mall, I don't know, whether she want me to take you permanently I couldn't.

Take you at the time I had to go back to Seattle I cried every minute on the plane.

Do you have any proof? This is the toys that I first bought her before that before they left your honor Jerome hand, me the evidence, please.

Thank you.

So this is a picture.

The person you say, is miss Browns, birth, mother, yes, yes.

You're and she's.



Your honor.


I've kept this photo for years.

Your honor because I knew someday that I would I would find her your honor and who's in this photo.


Hampton that's me, that's my daughter here and that's.

Her mother your honor so Ms Brown.

What are you thinking as you see these photos? I mean, look at that baby that could be you or you.

It it's just there's.

Nothing that distinguish Li says is me.

Maybe if I had that wrap that was around that baby, maybe if I'd.

So when you look at these pictures, you don't feel a connection because in your mind you're, saying, there's, nothing, identifiable that says, it's me, yeah, nothing.

This is why this is my daughter in those print that's, my daughter than the future.

Okay? And listen that may be true that in the picture.

The baby you're, holding is your daughter.

But why are you so sure that it is Ms Brown, I know, her birth date and I do the situation surrounding it.


Now, we're getting somewhere.

So the exact date of Miss Browns birth is the exact date of your Kayla's birth exactly your honor.

And you named this baby Kayla, exactly your honor.

Okay, when's.

The last time you saw before today.

If this is, in fact, your daughter, I, haven't seen her since she's officially there's about two weeks old.

Your honor about two weeks old, two weeks, old, Your Honor in your statement to the court.

You said, you have a picture of her at two years old.

How did you get that picture? You know, when I went back to all I asking your honor I came across her mother, your honor and her birth.

Mother gave this picture.

Geralt? Remember this picture her birth mother.

So you went back to Washington, then you came back to Alaska and her birth.

Mother gave you this picture? Yes, your honor and I still have that that I've kept that photo on my wall for the last 20 years, Your, Honor.

This picture I've kept up for almost two years old and she's, two years old your honor.

So this is a picture of Wow.

So this picture of the young baby girl that you say is your daughter Kayla has been up on the wall in your home exactly your honor Ms.

Brown is this a picture of you she's dead like me.

Yeah, it has a little devious smile.

Hey, this is amazing.

Have you ever seen this picture? You know, it looks like you to me.

It looks like your eyebrows and look I, don't know, the results of the test either so I am here inside this mystery with you then I want to figure it out for you I know that it's my daughter, your honor, if you want more episodes of paternity court, make sure to subscribe and click on the notification, bail your honor I, contacted social services, your honor and I told them that yeah, I didn't want my daughter to be adopted, they told me that I I need to get a paternity test.

Your honor I, don't know, I mean, I'm, 20, still my daughter, your honor that's, a long time to go without seeing your child.

You love so much I've been looking for you I've been looking for you to join me, I've searched everywhere, I want to hear from your adoptive mother, um, Miss, Brown.

Please stand.

And first ask, you have you ever seen this picture of your daughter? Yes, I have you have I have and I'm I.

Am curious to know how her biological mother got that picture.

Oh, okay, wait.

So you know this to be your daughter, yes, that's my daughter, what but I never gave that picture to anybody and I don't know where we've had Kayla since she was three months old.

So when you adopted her did you have any information given to you about a father there's, no one listed as a father on.

What are you reading? Um, her adoption, pay that please Your Honor.

I got child support papers right here.

You're on it state Alaska was collecting child support from before wait a minute.

Oh, let me just see this first I took this child several different times, at least for sure three times if not four times in four blood tests.


And watch them draw blood from her to try to determine who her father was, and they never could determine who the father was.

So they kept listing differently and okay.

Now they now we think this is the father, can you please bring her in for another patern another test and I take her in and then I mean, if they never came to me, I understand your emotion, the thought of being a mother and bringing your baby in to have blood drawn to try to figure out who their father is I know that was really tough.

And yet you're, telling me, three or four men were tested, yes and retest, yeah, because we wouldn't have been able to a legally adopt her.

We had her from the time.

She was three weeks old.

She came to us normally I.

We were foster with foster parents and that I normally wouldn't, take an infant in because I knew I'd be attached to them mm-hmm.

But it was supposed to be just a weekend.

Then it turned into a week and then I'm like, oh god, please do you know, don't, take her don't, take her from us.

And we went on for two years of trying to them trying to determine who because I just want to be clear out of the three to four times that you took your baby, Kayla, Ms Brown in to be tested.

So they could try to establish paternity.

Never once was mr.

Hampton tested, I.


Remember him being ever heard has never heard his life.

Now I want to confirm from you.


Hampton, who are you ever tested in the past where you ever contacted as a potential biological father for this baby to be tested, no ma'am, no I was they had me paying child support, Your, Honor, I, see that paper new doesn't make sense that you were paying child support, that's that's.

What they have the determined put paternity to be able to make you pay child support.

Yeah, you do have to have a paternity affidavit Weldon.

They must have proof that I was your father.

Then there could have been another man.

No I, wouldn't have been able to look to a dot all right on this page.

It says, the paperwork, you complete it states that there is an order for child support in Alaska, and that the order names you as the father is my name on there.

Yes, it is.


It is I mean, my mom's.

And my biological mom has I have biological siblings that are literally consecutive years under me.

Yes, there.

There is no other man.

Your honor we were together every day.

I've celebrated, her birthday, every single year, Your Honor, I've, always put her and heard her name on the cakes, your honor because your honor I didn't, forget about it.

Your honor every year you put her name on a birthday cake that's, right your honor because I wanted to show her because I knew someday that I would find her and I want to show her that I've been looking for your honor and do you have any paperwork to prove that you were reaching out to social service.

Your I've gave you the letter from social services, your honor Department of Health and Social Services are in mid-1994, dear, mr.

Hampton, two phone messages from you and I don't have a number to contact you.

Please be advised that you need to establish paternity of Kayla King, and we can discuss reunification exactly your honor and and that's.

What I did your honorable when I tried to do that they wanted her.

It wanted her mother.

Your honor to take part in this Your Honor, I, didn't know where her mother was, how did you not have contact? If you if she gave you a picture of her at 2:00 and look mr.

Hampton? Can you not understand their doubt? They've never heard of you in my life? I have this birth certificate.

And my parents are on it I don't, see your name on it.

I, don't know, those are your adoptive parents on that birth, certain which are my parents exactly absolutely you're.

My name.

My name is unoriginal burst of gay honor.

They had me paying child support for her I was there I'm gonna want to give your name where were you through all these months that Kayla was with us as a foster child, and they were trying to find out who the father was I mean, honestly I I kind of feel like you are.

But you didn't take me when she asked you, you know, I, don't care for how long I do it? Does you know, even if you can't I, look at my son, nope, I had no place.

I had no place.

I know, it doesn't matter in a car.

You know, go to a shelter.

There are so many resources.

Let me just say this.

This has got to be the most incredible mystery that we've ever heard in this courtroom.

The only way we're gonna be able to move forward is to get the results.


Dad would be nice.

Everybody nice, Jerome the envelope.

Yes, sir, would you like to say, one more thing before we get to the results I've gone through a lot.

The last 20 years your honor, this is my life.

Your Honor I've made some some bad choices, your honor, but I've never run from any of my my children.

Your Honor I ever end to me your honor and that's.

Why I'm here today right here, in court case, everything that they she instructed all of her life.

Your honor I felt the same thing.

Your honor I thought, all the hurt everything I see your heart is breaking I really do I can see the emotion written all over your face I'm glad that did her dr.

Turner's were able to take her Your Honor.

You know, I and I had a great I had a great home I owe that do your adoptive parents for having you.

Why are we ready for the results? These results were prepared by DNA diagnostics and they read as follows if anyone would like to take a seat.

They can in the case of brown V, Hampton pertaining to 20 year-old Kayla Brown, mr.

Hampton, you have desperately waited for this answer.

You do you want to watch paternity court on TV go to paternity court, dot TV to find your local listings.

In the case of brown v, hampton pertaining to 20 year-old Kayla brown, mr.

Hampton, you have desperately waited for this answer.

You are not her father, I, can't, be right your honor.

But that is me in the picture I, don't know, what's going on here.

Your honor.

This is where paternity secrets destroy our lives and our perceptions.

And what we believed to be true, because it may, in fact and it, unfortunately obviously is true that her biological mother was involved with someone else besides you during that time they wanted to bring some closure to myself your honor I, just decide to be had to be done your honor.

And he had to be done and, um, I'm, sorry, that things it's.

Okay, I'm.

Good, I'm, fine, Caleb, that's.

What we want to know that you're, okay and that's what he wanted to know exactly your honor.

So with that said, Court is adjourned.

Take care of your I was pretty shocked I.

Think that I'd like convinced myself at first that he wasn't in the courtroom I, then convinced myself that he was.

And then he wasn't I feel very thankful that she's in a good home.



Man Tries To Find Daughter Who Was Adopted (Full Episode) | Paternity Court? ›

Although trial commenced in June 2021, the parties reached a negotiated agreement. On June 30, the court entered a paternity decree based on the parties' agreement awarding Rasmussen sole legal and physical custody of Artemis subject to Rollins' parenting time.

What happened to Mr Rasmussen paternity court? ›

Although trial commenced in June 2021, the parties reached a negotiated agreement. On June 30, the court entered a paternity decree based on the parties' agreement awarding Rasmussen sole legal and physical custody of Artemis subject to Rollins' parenting time.

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Lauren Lake's Paternity Court (originally known as Paternity Court) is a nontraditional court show in which family lawyer and legal analyst Lauren Lake heard and ruled on paternity cases and rendered DNA test results.

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This is understandable, as some cases seem too dramatic and interesting to be true. Paternity court is a popular reality-based television show that has entertained and educated audiences for over a decade.

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Compensation: All audience members will receive $50 for their participation.

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She also served as field correspondent, makeover specialist, and judge on The Ricki Lake Show.

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FOND DU LAC - A 36-year Fond du Lac man convicted of 44 counts involving sexual assaults of multiple children and providing them with drugs was sentenced to 203 years behind bars.

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In Miller v. California, 413 U.S. 15 (1973), the Supreme Court upheld the prosecution of a California publisher for the distribution of obscene materials. In doing so, it established the test used to determine whether expressive materials cross the line into unprotected obscenity.

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The test concluded that there was a 99.6 percent probablity that Manser had fathered the boy. Manser moved to Lake County, Florida. He ended up paying more than $30,000 in child support to Sehr, and spent "significant time in prison" after failing to pay on time, he claims.

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An athletic coach is a person coaching in sport, involved in the direction, instruction, and training of a sports team or athlete.

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Lake is not a real judge and by law her decisions are considered nonbinding mediation. But she offers good advice. "Once we get that DNA evidence, then it's my job as a judge to talk about how that scientific evidence will relate to the law," Lake said.

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Lauren Lake, judge of "Paternity Court," hears cases involving not only questions of paternity, but also many types of stories involving DNA. Where science meets the law.

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James Rasmussen will spend the rest of his life in prison. Rasmussen, age 36, was convicted on 44 counts including first-degree sexual assault of children under 13, second-degree sexual assault by use of force, child enticement, and distributing marijuana to minors.

What happened with Rasmussen? ›

DNA evidence eventually found that he was not Lisa's father and the case spent years without any significant developments. Rasmussen died, aged 67, while imprisoned at High Desert State Prison on December 28, 2010. His cause of death was a combination of lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumonia.

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Anders Fogh Rasmussen RSKmd (Danish pronunciation: [ˈɑnɐs ˈfɔwˀ ˈʁɑsmusn̩] ( listen); born 26 January 1953) is a Danish politician who was the 24th Prime Minister of Denmark from November 2001 to April 2009 and the 12th Secretary General of NATO from August 2009 to October 2014.

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Lauren Laniece Lake (born July 12, 1969) is an American family lawyer, television judge, and talk show presenter. Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

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Rasmussen, 48, would remain incarcerated during the testing.

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The surname Rasmussen (Danish pronunciation: [ˈʁɑsmusn̩]) is a Danish and Norwegian surname, meaning Rasmus' son. It is the ninth-most-common surname in Denmark, shared by about 1.9% of the population.

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Rasmussen Surname Distribution Map
United States49,8391:7,273
115 more rows

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