Grace Kids - Preschool - Ice Cream Sunday - Week 3 (2023)


Hey Grace kids. Do you know that God has a plan for all of us? The Bible says in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord."

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Hello, grace families, welcome back we're.

So glad you're here, even though we're not physically together in church.

We can still stay connected through social media.

So make sure you follow us on instagram like comment and share on facebook we're also there.

So make sure you like follow and share let your friends and family know, all the fun that's going on.

So they can see too and on youtube comment hit that bell.

So you can get notifications on up-to-date stuff that we have going on ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, hey, ollie, I'm.

So glad you could come today, I'm just waiting on the kids to show up.

We worship every sunday and wednesday, you know, cause you tell us the story with your friends from the treehouse.

Oh there.

They are, hey, guys.

So glad you could join us today, me and olly are just hanging out we're talking about parties.

And I told him that I told you guys the surprise last week that a party is not a party without you.

So I'm gonna tell you all the details today.

But first, why don't we worship together let's get this party started ollie, are you ready to worship? Because I know I am cause miss dolly loves to dance all right? Guys, let's worship here we go.

Three two got a plan.

One me he's got a plan for me.

He's got a really really really awesome plan for me.

He's got a plan for me.

He's got a plan for me.

He's got a really really really awesome plan for me.

No matter what the season his plans are for a reason I know they are good.

I know they are blessed.

The reason I love for me, he's him a plan for me.

He's got a really really really awesome plan for me.

He's got a plan for me.

He's got a plan for me.

He's got a really really really awesome plan for me.

He's he's got a plan for me.

He's got a plan for me.

He's got a really really really awesome plan for me.

He's got a plan for me.

He's got a path for me.

He's got a really really really awesome plan for me.

I just love it when we worship together, I love how michelle teaches us that we can worship god, anywhere, it's, always so much fun.

It's, actually, my favorite part of us getting together every week so ali, I was telling the kids how we're gonna have a party and without them.

It just wouldn't be as much fun.

So guys, we want you guys to show up next sunday right here at church we're, not going to be inside, but we'll be outside we're going to have our first ever drive-up party.

And since elementary is having a block party we're going to combine both groups together and we're going to have our first ever ice cream block party doesn't that sound fun.

We definitely can't.

Wait to see.

You guys, that's, right, ollie, ollie's excited to meet you guys, too.

You want to tell us the story guys, ollie and his friends from the treehouse want to tell us our story this week.

So we've been learning all about joseph.

Are you guys ready because I'm ready to learn? What happens this week with joseph? And his family that's right? Ali was just reminding me that we're learning all about how god has a plan for us.

Can you guys say that with me, god has a plan for me, that's, right? Guys, good job all right so we'll.

Let ollie take over from here so him and his friends from the treehouse can tell us our story know what time it is there's so much fun we'll have learning together.

So let's go down go down to the clubhouse let's go down down to the clubhouse.

Oh, hello.

There friends.

Welcome to the clubhouse it's me, kai I'm.

So glad you're all here today, I was getting ready for the big ice cream, sundae party at the clubhouse.

These pictures are a step-by-step plan on how to make the most fantastic most spectacular most yummiest to the tummiest ice cream.

Sundae ever step one.

You get a bowl a spoon and a nap and then you're ready to make an ice cream.

Sundae step, two add ice cream to the bowl.

It can be any kind of ice cream.

You want step three, add the toppings ice cream.

Sundaes need lots of toppings step, four in what's.

The last thing we do with our ice cream, sundae, we eat it what a great plan it's ollie.

Hello, kai.

Oh, what are you up to hi ollie? Well, I just finished putting together my plan to make the perfect ice cream.

Sundae, yes.

That is an excellent plan.

It's true.

I have a story about another great plan for you just listen to this story.

Just follow me me and through, oh, hello.

Friends, I'm casey and I'm helping out at the cupcake food truck.

Do you want to see my latest most delicious creation? These are my sweet dreams cupcakes, because in today's story, we're going to talk about someone who had some pretty amazing dreams.

If you're ready on the count of three, yeah, tell me a story.

One, two three, tell me a story.

This is joseph.

He was put in jail, even though he had done nothing wrong being in jail was hard for joseph.

But god had a different plan one day, the king of all of egypt.

The pharaoh had some dreams.

He didn't understand they were about seven cows.


What do cows say you're, right? Dreaming about cows is funny, wait, ooh, let's count the cows in pharaoh's dream.

One, two, three, four, five, six said, seven cows.

The pharaoh also dreamed about stalks of grain grain.

We make bread out of grain let's pretend to have a snack yum yum pharah wanted to know what his dreams meant and drumroll.


He asked joseph to help him hooray.

Joseph was brought out of jail straight to the pharaoh.

He told pharaoh that the dreams were from god that pharaoh needed to save lots and lots of grain because his people were going to be hungry and need it later.

Pharaoh was so happy to know what his dreams meant that he gave joseph a very special job.

He put joseph in charge of all of egypt years later, the dreams came true.

People were hungry and didn't have food.

So they traveled from all over to get grade from joseph.


God's plan was for joseph to help all these people.

God has a plan for us, too and god's plan is the best plan.

Did you like the story? If you did give it two thumbs up, two thumbs up, hey, ollie, tell me who has a plan for you.

God has a plan for me.

Yes, it's true.

Now let's, hear it from you tell me who has a plan for you.

God has a plan for me.

That's the truth, friends, you better believe it see you next time? So there's, your story, it's, all true.

Joseph, followed, god's plan, and we should too.

Thanks ollie goodbye to you who who, wow, I loved that story.

Joseph followed, god's plan and helped so many people, I think I got the story.

Did you get it? If you did say got it? Get it? Good I'm excited about following this plan it's going to be delicious I'll.

See you guys next time? Goodbye, you know what ollie? I love it when you and your friends tell us our story, it's, always so much fun.

And I just love how we're learning all about joseph.

This month are you guys enjoying the story? Cause I am well guys.

We did our song.

We did our story.

Let's, get ready for our bible.

Verse are you guys? Ready? You know how we get ready we're gonna stretch those arms wiggle your fingers and show me your muscles here we go for.

I know, the plans I have for you says, the lord jeremiah, 29 11.


Do that one more time? Guys? Okay for I know, the plans I have for you says, the lord jeremiah, 29, 11., yay, great job guys.

I can definitely tell that you've been practicing.

You look amazing doing your bible verse.

We had such a great time today I'm.

So glad you could join us today.

We got to do our bible verse.

We got to do our song and ali and his friends from the treehouse told us our story we're, having a great time learning all about joseph and his family that's, right, ollie, ollie's, enjoying bringing it to you guys, too I'm.

So glad he could join us.

So don't, forget, the big surprise that miss dolly had for you is that we're having an ice cream, sundae party with the whole block, we're having all the elementary kids and preschool kids come together for an ice cream party we're, not gonna come into the church.

But you guys can drive up and we're gonna bring the ice cream to you it's gonna be so much fun.

I can't, wait to see you guys, we have, uh had a great time.

So far, I really miss you guys.

I can't, wait to see you.

So before I could get over to elementary.

I want you guys to remember you're, amazing, god, created you to do awesome things.

And you are loved remember that god has a plan for you.

And I can't, wait to see you guys on sunday.

I hope you have a great rest of your week.

Bye guys, you.

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