Classroom Valentines & Kids Valentine Exchange Cards (2024)

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Unique Designs for Classroom Exchange Valentine Cards

Is there anything sweeter than a classroom Valentine’s Day card exchange? (Ok, maybe one that also comes along with a piece of chocolate…or five.) Help your child get in on all of the warm and fuzzy fun with unique kids Valentine’s Day cards from Minted!

Our miniature cards are created exclusively by our global community of independent artists every year, and this year’s selection is designed to show off your child’s unique personality, interests, and tastes. We proudly offer the best selection of kids Valentine’s Day Cards, from cute designs to funny designs and everything in between. Our miniature 3.5” x 2.5” cards start at $12 for 10 cards and include envelopes. Add matching stickers in an array of cute shapes starting at $10 for a sheet of 24.

Stumped on an age-appropriate design and message? We’ve done the legwork for you. Read on for our top tips for picking the right card. Then, sort through our collection of Valentine’s Day cards for school perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, 3rd to 5th graders, and tweens and teens.

Personalize Your Kid’s Classroom Valentine Cards

Classroom Valentine’s Day Cards are so often an afterthought. But what if you could create a card as unique as your child? It’s possible with Minted’s personalization options. Here’s how you can make the Valentine’s your child hands out on February 14th uniquely theirs.

  • Names: Ensure your child’s Valentines don’t get lost in the shuffle (and save you some time) by personalizing their cards with their name! All of our classroom Valentine card designs feature a space for your child’s name, and some even have room for their grade if you know they’ll be handing them out to kids outside of their immediate class.
  • Paper Options: Our Valentine’s Day cards for school are printed on your choice of our Signature, 100% Recycled, or Pearlescent papers to ensure they both look and feel like the standouts of the handout. Our recycled paper is great for the eco-conscious classroom. The pearlescent paper will make fun sparkly unicorn Valentines even more special.
  • Hand-Pressed Foil: Add a little extra sparkle to your child’s card with hand-pressed foil in a range of colors including gold, rose gold, silver, glittery gold, metallic red, ice blue, sweet strawberry, and amethyst. This printing technique is perfect for highlighting cute hearts and messages…or for your child who is obsessed with all things princesses.
  • FREE Shapes: Give your child’s valentine more of an edge with free custom shape cutouts. You can really lean into the spirit of Valentine’s Day with an adorable heart-shaped card, which pairs so perfectly with designs like Happy Heart by Darryl Don Doctor and Pizza My Heart by Ana Peake. One of our favorite shape options is our unique tag shape, which has a small hole at the top. This is perfect for tying your kid’s Valentine to a goodie bag or small treat to share with classmates. For superhero fans, try placing a lollipop through the hole of our design, Super Friend by Lehan Veenker. Suddenly the card becomes a cape for this sweet and super treat! To explore our uniquely shaped cards, simply use the “Shape” filter at the top of the page.
  • Photos: There’s no better way to make your child’s card heartfelt and uniquely theirs than by including a photo of them. We offer a large selection of designs with customizable photos ranging from sweet and sentimental to zany and silly — and you can take a look at our full selection of photo Valentine’s Day cards for additional design options. If your child likes a design without a photo on the front, you can still upload a photo to the back of their card using one of our fun photo templates. Try a fun heart-shaped photo or fill the whole back of the card with one big photo. Another fun way to use photos is to include a shot of your family pet. Many kids love to show off their furry friends, and this is a special way to do so with their classmates on Valentine’s Day.
  • Stickers: In addition to including your child’s name on the Valentine itself, you can also opt to personalize the envelope the card comes in with a custom sticker. Choose from six fun colors, and customize the sticker with your child’s name or a short and sweet Valentine’s Day message.

Theme Ideas on Valentine Cards for Kids

Your child is unique, and the Valentines they hand out to friends and classmates should be too. Minted offers an array of themes from unicorns and tacos, to cars, Disney princesses, and more! Whether your child wants to show off that their favorite animal is an alligator or that they absolutely love emojis, there is a design created by one of Minted’s independent artists just for them

Here are some of our favorite themes to choose from:

  • Animals - From wild beasts to cute pets, we have designs featuring nearly every animal under the sun. Your child can tell classmates that they are “totally jaw-some” with Yaling Hou Suuki’s shark design with fun foil sunglasses, or that they’ll always have a spot in their heart with Angela Thompson’s cheetah-themed card.
  • Sports & Games - Budding athletes will have a ball picking out a Valentine featuring their favorite sports and activities. Our unique circle shape option is especially well-suited for ball designs like You’re a Hit by Stevee Gomez and For Kicks by Lauren Michelle. If Fortnite is more their speed, try a video game design like Got Game by Bethany Anderson..
  • Rainbows & Unicorns - Want a truly magical kids Valentine’s Day card? Look no further than our sparkly and colorful collection of rainbow and unicorn designs. Remind your child’s peers to stay uniquely themselves with the shimmery Stardust unicorn card by Jennifer Lew. Or spread the love with the boho-themed rainbow Friendly Affirmation card by Cassi Hernandez.
  • Dinosaurs - Is your child a paleontologist in the making? Can they tell you the difference between a triceratops and a brontosaurus? Let them share their fossil fascination with classmates with designs like You Are Dino-mite! by Alethea and Ruth.
  • Planes, Trains & Automobiles - If your child is always on the move, choose a design featuring things that go! Bernina by Chocomococino has a fun train saying “I choo choo choose you!” Tons of Love by Stacey Meacham has a dump truck filled with hearts, and Fired Up by Kacey Kendrick Wagner is perfect for the kid who’s bucket list includes a fire truck ride along.
  • Robots & Tech - These are the perfect Valentines for the thoroughly modern kiddo. Our futuristic designs feature references to Wifi signals and silly robots like I Like You A Bot by Jen Owens.
  • Science & Space - Make your kid’s Valentines the best in the galaxy with Mitned’s intergalactic science and space-themed designs! If you have an astronaut-in-training, they will love to tell classmates that they are “out of this world” with a rocket-powered design by Pixel and Hank or that their classmates are stellar friends with the Friendly Planets design by Leia Matt.
  • Food & Drink - Find a delicious design for your little foodie! Our food designs have some of the very best puns like “I’m donuts about you” and “you are a cereal-ously a great friend!”
  • Puzzles & Games - Your children will receive many sweet Valentines from their friends and classmates. One way to make your kid’s Valentine’s cards stand out and keep a classroom of sugar-filled kiddos entertained is by including a puzzle or game on the card. Many designs created by our community of independent artists have games and activities built into the design itself — most of which can be customized to fit your child’s age range or unique interests. Wonderful Words by Jessie Steury allows kids to give their classmates nice compliments via a fun word search game. Valentine MASH, also by Jessie Steury, is a great option for tween classroom Valentines. In addition to fun activity-based cards, we also offer game templates that can go on the back of any card you end up selecting. Game options include tic-tac-toe, a word search, a maze, spot-the-difference, a coloring activity, and word scramble.
  • Superhero - Have a kid who can’t get enough of the Marvel Universe? Our superhero themed designs are perfect for slightly older children to pass out on February 14th, and to remind their friends just how super they are.

Classroom Valentine’s Day Traditions

A card exchange is the Valentine’s Day classroom activity (that’s why you’re here looking for cards, after all!). Typically, these exchanges will involve children bringing in enough Valentines to hand out to each of their classmates, dropping them in bags or baskets decorated for the occasion by each child. This means it is a good idea to double-check the headcount of your child’s class before ordering your favorite card design — and don’t forget to include extras for a few special friends and favorite teachers!

In addition to card exchanges, a few other fun traditions have cropped up over the last few years. Here’s what to expect.

Gift Exchange

If you want to make the holiday extra special, fill a goodie bag with treats to pair with your cards and use the matching sticker to seal the bag. Just know that many classrooms today won’t allow candy exchanges, so be sure to check in with your child’s teacher before a trip down the candy aisle.

If you’re looking for candy-free treats to give the kids, here are some fun ideas.

  • Temporary tattoos
  • Fruit snacks
  • Play Dough
  • Bouncy balls
  • Crackers
  • Crazy straws
  • Raisins
  • Scrunchies
  • Erasers
  • Bubbles

Valentine’s Day Crafts

There is no shortage of Valentine’s Day-themed crafts that your child’s classroom may explore on February 14th. A few of the most fun are…

  • Door decorating contests, in which children all pitch in to help make their classroom door the most festive in school.
  • Heart collages in which children cut out hearts of different colors, sizes, and textures from all sorts of materials and collage them onto a piece of paper.
  • Valen-slime science experiments where children work together to bring the ooey-gooey side of Valentine’s Day to life.
  • Festive cookie and treat decorating.

The crafts your child’s teacher has planned may require a bit of extra hands on help, so be sure to spread the love by asking if you can volunteer for the day in the classroom!

Notes of Kindness

In addition to handing out Valentines to everyone in their class, teachers may also host a game where students write personalized notes to their peers. This game operates similarly to a Secret Santa: children will pick a classmate’s name out of a jar, and then will be tasked to write a sweet secret note to that person which will then be read aloud.

Cute Sayings to Write on the Classroom Valentine Exchange Cards

Classroom Valentines are an opportunity for your child to send messages of friendship and appreciation to their classmates and teacher. Our designs offer a range of playful and pun-filled sentiments that aren’t too ooey-gooey, even for the tweens who claim they are “too cool” for Valentine’s Day.

All of our designs have personalizable text, so you can have their name pre-printed along with a note from your child to their classmates. This can be as simple as “from your friend, Avery” or “XOXO Avery.” If you’d like more room, you can add a customizable template to the back of your card for your child to write a longer thoughtful message to their friends. Here are some ideas for messages:

  • “I am so happy to have you in my class! Happy Valentine’s Day from Avery.”
  • “Thank you for being such a good friend. Love and hugs from Avery.”
  • “I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day! Love your friend, Avery”
  • “I am so lucky to know you! I hope your Valentine’s Day is extra sweet. From, Avery”
  • “Stay sweet! Happy Valentine’s Day from Avery”
  • Crazy straws - pair well with Crazy Straw by Susan Asbill!
  • “School would be so boring without you! Happy Valentine’s Day from Avery”
  • “Who needs candy when they have classmates as sweet as you? Me, I still need candy.”
  • “Having you in my class makes every day extra sweet! From, Avery.”
  • “I love school, but I love having you in my class more. XOXO, Avery.”
  • “I hope you know that students love being in your class. Happy V-Day from Avery.”
  • “My dog ate my homework, but I have this card for you! Happy Valentine’s Day from Avery.”

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Classroom Valentines & Kids Valentine Exchange Cards (2024)
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