18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (2024)

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These easy Valentine crafts for toddlers are tons of fun for tiny tots! They make the perfect Valentine’s Day activities for preschoolers and toddlers!

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Valentine’s Day and crafting go together like peanut butter and jelly, and it’s time your toddler gets in on the fun! These fun Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers are cute, colorful, and super easy to make. We’ve focused on simple crafts that involve things that toddlers can do like gluing, finger painting, stamping, or using their handprints and fingerprints. They’ll get lots of fine motor skills practice with these crafts and activities!

February is a great time to craft with the kids because the weather probably has you spending a lot of time indoors and needing some engaging activities to keep your little ones happy. Use these crafts as inspiration to create fun keepsakes, Valentine cards for an extended family member, or cute little bits of holiday décor for your mantel or windows.

No matter what you make, crafting is a perfect way to spend quality time with your toddler. You’ll create memories and keepsakes that you’ll treasure forever. Don’t forget to add a few to your scrapbook!

Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

Here are some of the cutest and easiest Valentine’s Day Toddler Crafts we could find!

1. Heart Suncatcher from Happiness is Homemade: This is the easiest little craft to make, and your toddler will be so proud to see his final finished product hanging in the window. Use tissue paper, sequins, confetti, glitter, and anything else that sparkles to make it fun!

18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (3)

2. Easy Photo Valentine Wreath Craft from Simple Everyday Mom: This is a beautiful way to use up those conversation heart candies that never seem to get eaten, and it’ll make a cute keepsake for parents and grandparents. If you put up a Valentine’s Day tree in your home, this little ornament would be perfect for it. It would also make an adorable gift tag!

3. Valentine’s Day Salt Dough Keepsake from Fun Handprint Art: It reads, “Tiny toes, big heart,” and that sentiment is so true. You can never make too many keepsakes that help you remember those tiny little hands or feet!

18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (5)

4. Mess-Free Painted Valentines from Glitter Inc.: Mess-free crafts are the best kind, aren’t they? Add pink and red paint to a bag along with some cardstock, and let your toddler squish the paint around to create a beautiful design. Then, follow the instructions to layer the toddler art with doilies and stickers to create the prettiest handmade valentines you’ve ever seen.

18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (6)

5. Tree with Paper Hearts by Easy Peasy and Fun: Draw the tree trunk and branches, and let the kids glue on each heart shape until its branches are nice and full. You can either cut hearts from paper or use heart stickers, which would make it even easier. Makes such great art projects!

18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (7)

6. Toddler Valentine’s Day Cards from Red Ted Art: If you don’t mind a little mess, this finger-painting activity is a super fun craft! Their swirly finger paintings can be cut into hearts and added to folded cardstock to create cards.

18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (8)

7. Valentine’s Day Fish Craft from Artsy Momma: Paper plate crafts are an excellent choice for toddlers, and this one is really simple and straightforward. If you want to cut down on the mess, you could even use pink or red paper plates instead of painting a white one. You can easily finish this project in a few minutes, which is ideal when crafting with little ones with short attention spans.

18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (9)

8. DIY Heart Stamps from Natural Beach Living: Stamping is an easy craft for little kids, and you can create your own DIY heart stamps right at home. Let your kiddo stamp away with different paint colors on cardstock, white wrapping paper, or a canvas.

18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (10)

9. Coffee Filter Hearts from Simple Fun for Kids: This is a really inexpensive craft! Grab some coffee filters from your cupboard, cut them into hearts, and use this technique to “tie-dye” them using markers and water. You could then create a garland using the colored hearts.

10. Blowing Kisses Handprint Valentine from Happy Go Lucky: Any grandma would be lucky to get one of these sweet cards from her grandchild! Use your kiddo’s handprint as a pull-down window to reveal an adorable picture underneath.

18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (12)

11. Celery Stamped Flowers from The Best Ideas for Kids: This idea is just brilliant! Who knew that a bunch of celery could create a beautiful flower pattern? Toddlers can easily stamp and glue a few pipe cleaner stems to finish the project. So simple, and makes a sweet gift for anyone!

18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (13)

12. Heart Necklace from Glue Sticks and Gumdrops: Cut paper straws into small pieces, and let your toddler string them onto a fun little necklace to wear for Valentine’s Day. Your child will just need help tying the knots. A quick and easy craft!

18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (14)

13. Cupid Arrows from Messy Little Monster: These are easy for kids of all ages! Use sparkly hearts and popsicle sticks to create some whimsical cupid arrows. A totally fun way to make holiday decor, DIY cards, and more!

18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (15)

14. Fingerprint Love Bugs from I Heart Crafty Things: Make some tiny little love bugs covered in fingerprints! You could totally add these to a card or make a garland out of them to add to your Valentine’s Day decor.

18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (16)

15. Paper Roll Heart Mouse from Non-Toy Gifts: Because this little mouse is so simple, it’s doable for a toddler. First, gather some toilet paper rolls, then grab some googly eyes and pipe cleaners from the craft store. All that’s involved is just doing a little gluing! Great fun for young kids!

18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (17)

16. Valentine’s Heart Squish Bag from Fantastic Fun and Learning: Add big conversation hearts to a squishy bag of gel, and let the kids squish, pat, and poke the bag to see what happens. They’ll love watching the colors spread as the candy begins to dissolve!

18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (18)

17. Cookie Cutter Stamped Card from Kiddy Charts: If you have a heart-shaped cookie cutter, let your tot stamp all over a folded piece of construction paper or cardstock to make a pretty Valentine’s Day card for someone they love.

18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (19)

18. Thumbuggy Fingerprint Cards from Rhythms of Play: This is another fun fingerprint craft! Love the alternating pink and red body of the love bug. Fun for older kids too!

This collection of toddler Valentine’s Day crafts is full of cute project ideas that you can make with your love bug later!

18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (20)

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Valentine Crafts for Toddlers

Come back to this list later for quick reference! You’ll love these easy Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers!

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18 Valentine Crafts for Toddlers (2024)
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